Best War Dragon Leveling Guide — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks for the tips. Can you send information concerning level 60, 70, 80 xp farms. All the bookmarks I had disappeared. Thanks for your help

  2. Is it better to max out each dragon as you get them or just get them to breeding level and move on to new dragons that have been hatched

  3. This game is superfine if you going to get it it needs Wi-Fi and it is really hard to get rubies and egg tokens do is really fun events

  4. To me, this is one so far, is the best guide that I have came across so far for leveling up bases and dragons. I am on LvL 50 right now and I can see that from Leveling up my base and dragon was all wrong. I want to be one of the best in this game. So thank you.

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